Why Engaged Couples Should Have Premarital Advice

Why Engaged Couples Should Have Premarital Advice

  18 Jun 2020

Marriage, as written on Webster’s Dictionary, is an institution whereby men and women are unified in a matrimony or the communal associations of wedded persons. For many it’s the ultimate or the next step in a everlasting or ideal relationship, a lasting connection involving 2 different people in marriage. Having said that the real question is, is married life for every person? In order to help newly engaged lovers for the solution, they should experience Premarital Advising to ensure that this is the good progress for them.

Some marrying couples ask, “Why do we need premarital counseling? We are doing ok, we don’t have problems. We are going to be a happy couple.” But you will be surprised how many “happy couples” end up having major problems after they get married. They only know how great life is as boyfriend and girlfriend, and because it is great for them now, believe that life will be great for them when they get married. There are some couples who, until now, have a great relationship after they get married. But these are just a few, there are many who are surprised that after they get married, they feel as if they don’t know the person that they are with and how the wish they knew what the were getting themselves into. They’ve married a total stranger.

Premarital Counseling is a way for soon-to-be married couples to learn many things about marriage, about coping and handling issues that only come up in marriage, and most of all knowing more about his or her spouse.

With premarital counseling, a couple will find out if getting married to each other is truly for them. They will learn about how life is like to be married, how it is to have kids, take care of finances, and other married life issues that will only come up once the knot is tied. It is a way for soon-to-be wed couples to become prepared for the married life. Asking premarital counseling questions gives the marrying couple a chance to sort out issues like where to live, if the couple is not of the same religion, whose religion they will follow and how will their children be brought up. This may also help in ironing out issues that has given them problems before.

When a couple goes through premarital counseling, they are giving themselves a chance to really get to know each other, and in turn, work on their marriage before the actual wedding. They may think that they know each other now because they have been together for quite some time. However, many people would be surprised how little they know their significant other. With premarital counseling, couples get a chance to find out more about their significant other and if they are truly compatible. It would save them time and heartache if they found out before hand that they would be better off as friends. But if they are meant to be together, asking premarital counseling questions solidifies the relationship they have in most cases and helps their married life grow to its fullest.

Premarital counseling will not solve all problems, but it will help the couple on their journey together by giving a great start on their married life. Premarital Counseling can help a happy couple be happier.