How To Go About Starting Your Pilates Exercise Program At Home

How To Go About Starting Your Pilates Exercise Program At Home

  09 Jun 2021

Doing Pilates at home is a great way to stay fit. Better still, you can save quite a bit on the membership subs for the gym and the fees for a Pilates instructor. When the budget is tight it makes sense to save where you can; that’s why many people try to get fit at home. However, while it’s certainly possible to have some success with this regime in the comfort of your home there are a few things to remember. The program that pilates teacher training Sydney is involve is very interesting for older people.

Take some classes first

Unless you are quite familiar with how to do Pilates you could injure yourself by diving into these exercises with no formal training. In addition you’ll only get the proper benefits from such a workout if you have a good idea of what Pilates actually does for your body.

Taking some classes with an experienced professional will show you both how to do the exercises without injuring yourself and allow you to get the best from it when you leave and exercise at home. You’ll also be more confident that you are doing Pilates at home in the right way.

Invest in the right Equipment

When doing Pilates you will need to invest in some of the basic Pilates equipment for the best result. Since you’ll be lying on the floor you’ll need a mat. A yoga mat won’t do as most yoga positions are sitting. Make sure you get the right kind of mat so that you can be comfortable while doing Pilates. A pilates mat is thick and durable enough to support and cushion your back and other parts of the body that come into contact with the floor.

Just in case you forget what you learned in class, a Pilates DVD will keep you on track. You may want to consider the stretch bands and stability ball for a little variety. And of course, it’s necessary to have loose clothing that allows you to make the right moves.

Where will you do Pilates?

When you attend Pilates classes the room is provided; when you do Pilates at home you need to make your own space. It will need to be large enough, comfortable and have nothing to distract you.

The ideal place would be a spare room, but not everyone has that luxury. You may need to organize a space close to the television so you can watch that DVD you bought. Try out the space to ensure there’s enough room to make those moves without hitting anything with your feet or hands.

Draw up an Action Plan

Doing Pilates at home, motivation could be a problem. That’s why a plan of action will help to keep you on track and succeed in your goal of acquiring a stronger, fitter body. You have to remain realistic though, otherwise you will fail and then you’ll feel bad.

It’s better to set goals that are doable and not get too carried away with enthusiasm that could easily burn you out. Slow and steady wins the race. Three times a week might be better than every day. If you find that easy, you can always upgrade your exercise schedule.

The most important thing to remember is to be consistent. Once you start making excuses not to do it, you’ll need to take yourself in hand and get those special clothes out the night before. Then when you get up in the morning you can start the day off by exercising immediately. You can also reward yourself in some small way for each time you do Pilates exercises.

There are many great benefits derived from doing Pilates. It enhances your balance and posture and you’ll find that your movements become more graceful and easy, all because your core strength has improved. This article will help you learn about developing your core.

Once you get into the habit of doing Pilates at home you will find it easy to stick to the plan and follow through without taking any time off. You’ll find that this will be of great benefit to you not only now, but well into the future.

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