5 Things your Microbiome Wants You To Eat In Oder to Improve Your Health, Dr. Roberto Contreras

5 Things your Microbiome Wants You To Eat In Oder to Improve Your Health, Dr. Roberto Contreras

  08 Mar 2021

Your Microbiome is essentially the ecosystem that’s created in your colon from the foods you eat. It’s the network of bacteria, good bacteria that can have a profound impact on how you feel. In order to feel your best, you need to feed it the best and give it what it wants. There are health benefits of course beyond feeling good. Doctors like Dr. Roberto Contreras want you to make sure that this microbiome is healthy and feed the right stuff. Here are the 5 things your microbiome wishes you ate.

1. Grass-Fed Meat

A big part of creating a healthy Microbiome is in cutting out the toxins that typically come with processed foods and one of the biggest perpetrators of toxins and preservatives in the USA is through our meat. The first key to creating a healthy Microbiome is to cut out these toxins and preservatives. So only eat grass-fed meat that isn’t filled with these preservatives.

2. Non-Starchy Vegetables

This will help improve your gut because non-starchy vegetables are easier for your body to process and breakdown than starchy ones. Some great non-starchy and also tasty vegetables to try are asparagus, leeks, onions, and radishes.

3. Nuts, Seeds, and their Butter

Never discount the power that nuts and seeds can have. These help in giving you protein that your body can easily digest so that you can maintain good digestive health while also maintaining solid health overall. There are lots of positive benefits to including more nuts and seeds into your diet and you should do so.

4. Fermented Foods

Before anyone gets excited, fermented hobs in a drink do not count. So Beer is not included with this list. No, this section is to include things like Sourkraut and Kimchi. These food are already fermented, making them easier on your colon to digest and breakdown. Plus some of them even taste good so there’s that. I kid, of course, made properly just about anything can taste good.

5. Non Starchy Fruits

Fruits, in general, are good but non-Starchy ones especially should be your aim while trying to improve your microbiome. Some easy to find non-starchy fruits are avocados, apples, kiwis and oranges. All of these are going to be good for your gut and they’re nature’s dessert.


There’s a lot about eating healthy that we have to improve upon in order to start living our best lives. It’s not always an easy transition but it’s one that certainly worth making. This is true in the short term and the long term. You may not notice improvements immediately but eventually, they will come around. It’s even possible that your taste changes to match your new diet.

The idea behind eating these foods is obviously to improve your microbiome. You’re trying to reduce the stress placed on your gut while simultaneously giving it food that promotes positive changes happening inside you. There’s a lot of reading that can be done about this or you can speak to a doctor like Dr. Roberto Contreras ! Get started on feeding your microbiome right today! This website will show you what it takes to have a successful pregnancy.